At the local and community level all the way to the highest levels of government, women are often underrepresented in leadership positions, left without a voice in decision-making and ignored as an electorate. Women hold only 22 percent of national parliamentary positions globally. This means that women are underrepresented in all facets of the political process often due to social-cultural barriers, the absence of training and resources for women’s political organizing, standards of living and precarious economic challenges.

We The Women is a non partisan  group of women dedicated to improving female participation in politics within Nigeria. The platform will use tools like Mentoring, workshops,training , education, traditional and online media, and  advocacy to drive this agenda within Nigeria. 


Our Mission is to increase active female representation & engagement in politics within Nigeria. We are committed to see this happen, from registration, voting to participation.

We shall promote this agenda using collaborative efforts with international bodies, Local agency, local political parties, communities and the Electoral commission within Nigeria.


 Our Vision is to increase the overall  active participation of females in politics in Nigeria by 20% in all levels by the next decade, 2020 -2030.